Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pre-4th Celebration

On July 3rd, we had a Fourth of July Celebration. We invited some of our new friends (neighbors) over for a little barbeque and a few fireworks (sparkler's and pop-its). Al had to work on the 4th, so we celebrated a day early. It was great fun, and the kids all had a terrific time. The weather could not have been better, so it was perfect! On the 4th, after Al came home, we watched "A Capitol 4th" on TV (you can't beat the seats we had! And air-conditioned, too!), and then the city of Laurel did fireworks on the 5th, so that was perfect. Al, Gavin, and I parked in the Best Buy parking lot across the street from Laurel Lakes Park and watched the fireworks from there. Considering how tired we all were, it was nice to not have to sit out much ahead of time to watch the show, and then we got out of there before the traffic got too bad. Maybe next summer (when I'm not 7-months pregnant) we will go hang out at a park or try a trip to the Mall. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!


jamieBEE said...

Happy late 4th of July! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Mikki said...

Looks like you guys had a great couple of days. Bless your heart! Hosting a party while prego. The decorations look really cute, and the food looks really yummy.
Happy late 4th!!