Friday, February 29, 2008

Grand Canyon Adventure

In December 2007, Al, Gavin and I traveled to Williams, AZ. We went on the Polar Express to the "North Pole" where we saw Santa Claus and one of his elves. On the way to the "North Pole" we drank hot (or maybe I should say, warm) cocoa, ate chocolate chip cookies, and sang Christmas carols. It was wonderful. It was even snowing that night so there was a beautiful blanket of white covering the ground and the trees. Once we arrived at the "North Pole" we saw Santa and one of his elves, as well as a few "buildings" and the North "Pole" itself. After a brief stop there, Santa boarded the train and met with each child and gave them a sleigh bell from his sleigh. Despite us all being tired, we had a magical time.

The next day we traveled back to the Grand Canyon via the Grand Canyon Railway. We then spent the remainder of that day touring the south rim of the Grand Canyon (fortunately the fog lifted after a little while and we were actually able to SEE the canyon), spent the night at the Maswik Lodge, and returned to Williams the following afternoon.

It was a terrific trip and the Canyon was absolutely breathtaking. Gavin's favorite part of the Grand Canyon...not the view, not the amazing colors...the SNOW! All he wanted to do was build snowmen and have snowball fights. So Al and I took turns checking out the view and staying back from the rim and playing in the snow with Gavin. We all had a great time.

Moving to D.C.

A couple of months ago, Al and I found out that we have received an assignment to Washington, D.C. We are still awaiting final dates for our move, but it looks like sometime in April??? Al will be a military maintenance person for the White House and surrounding government buildings, so we are still going through lots of security clearance stuff. If you get a phone call from some investigator asking questions about Al...this could be the reason.

We are EXTREMELY excited about this move. Of course there is always WAY too much do and way too little time to do it, but we'll manage. Wish us luck!!!